Food Analysis Application Note Compendium


22nd August 2022

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Food Analysis Application Note Compendium – Kathy Ridgway, Senior Applications Chemist


I have spent most of my career working on the analysis of food. One of the areas that is most challenging is knowing which sample preparation technique to apply. This is due to the variety and complexity of matrices and the low levels of detection required for some analytes of interest.

Since I started at Anatune over 8 years ago, we have worked on some rapid well-established techniques, such as static headspace or solid phase microextraction (SPME), and some more complex novel sample preparation approaches, such as dynamic headspace (DHS) and the Multivolatile method (MVM). In this time, we have also successfully automated some of the more routine manual procedures, such as liquid-liquid extraction.

The ability to measure volatile compounds in real time has also opened up a new area of research in the food industry, looking at process monitoring and flavour release in more detail than was previously possible.

The Application Notes below give further details of some of the work we have done in the area of food analysis. Click on their links to find out more and download whichever one may help you in your research.


Food Analysis Application Notes

Automated Solvent Extraction of Flavours from a Selection of Fruit Beverages – AS224

The Development of the MVM (Multi-volatile method) in the Whisky Matrix – AS148

Comparison of Extraction Techniques for Volatiles in Whisky – AS149

Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroExtraction (DiLLME) for Whisky Flavour Analysis – AS232

Comparison of Extraction Techniques for Volatiles in a Selection of Spirits and Liqueurs –  AS180

Comparison of Extraction Techniques for Volatiles in a Selection of Tea Samples – AS188

Using Dynamic Headspace and Principal Component Analysis to Find Key Differences Between Chocolate Samples – AS153

Automated QuEChERS Extraction and LC/MS/MS Analysis of Mycotoxins – AS242

Preliminary Evaluation of ATEX-PTV_GC_TOF_MS for the Determination of Pesticides in QuEChERS Extracts of Samples Containing High Concentrations of Chlorophyll – AS130

The Use of SIFT-MS in the Assessment of Food Quality: Smoked Salmon – AS245

Monitoring Acrylamide in Real-Time During Food Production Using SIFT-MS – AS241

High-Throughput Analysis of Volatiles from Fruit Using SIFT-MS – AS210

Analysis of Sulphur Compounds in Beer Using SIFT-MS – SN011


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