Automation for chromatography and mass spectrometry workflows

Significantly reduce the time and effort required to perform analysis across your laboratory workflow.

Automation brings higher throughput, improved quality and enhanced efficiency. Our innovative equipment, consultancy and expertise can deliver operational benefits, from cost savings, to an uplift in the accuracy and reliability of your results.

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VOC Analyser

The measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking and wastewater is a well-established analytical test in water and environmental laboratories, with numerous regulatory drivers.

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nitrosamines, analyser, pharmaceutical, analysis, drug products,

Nitrosamines LC/MS/MS Analyser

A fully automated solution for a wide range of Nitrosamines in pharmaceutical drug substance and drug product.

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DiLLME, analyser, gerstel, mps, extractables & leachables, analysis

DiLLME Analyser

DiLLME is for laboratory chemists who are reliant upon traditional, manual, liquid-liquid extraction to prepare samples prior to analysis and are dissatisfied with the errors, inconvenience, costs and risks associated with a 150-year-old technology.

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glyphosate, analyser, lc, ms,

Glyphosate LC/MS/MS Analyser

Full method validation of Glyphosate, AMPA, and Glufosinate in Water (Crude, trade effluent, surface and groundwater) using the Element Robotic DiLLME Analyser (UKAS Approved method) .

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Vitamin D LC/MS/MS Analyser

A fully automated analyser was developed featuring protein crash step, solid phase extraction (SPE) and LC-MS/MS analysis

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Metaldehyde Analyser

Based on the success of this trial, Affinity Water have an On-line Monitor for Metaldehyde in Surface and Ground Water working at their WTW.

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Geosmin, analyser, GERSTEL, MPS Robotic,

Geosmin and MIB Analyser

The Element Geosmin Analyser is for drinking water laboratory managers who need the flexibility to quickly switch to the analysis of taste and odour compounds at short notice when an emergency inevitably occurs.

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GERSTEL, 3-mcpd, analyser

3-MCPD Analyser

The GERSTEL 3-MCPD Sample Prep Solution enables automated determination of these potentially health relevant contaminants supporting the methods ISO 18363-1, AOCS Cd 29c-13, and DGF C-VI 18 (10).

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MOSH/MOAH Analyser

The system is based on an online-coupled HPLC-GC/FID system using the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) for automated sample preparation and introduction.

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