The Development of the MVM (Multi-Volatile Method) in the Whisky Matrix

Martin Perkins

21st October 2015

Dynamic headspace analysis (DHS) can provide a high level of enrichment for volatile compounds, but method optimisation can be critical in obtaining good recoveries for a wide range of analytes. Multi-Volatile Analysis (MVM), enables a number of different extractions to be performed on a single sample, offering the broadest range of analytes. GERSTEL have described this approach for the analysis of coffee and this application note describes the development of MVM for analysis of Whisky. Two traps were employed – a mixed Carboxen/Carbopack for the more volatile components, followed by Tenax TA with sequential desorption of the two traps. The MVM method gave good reproducibility (< 5% RSD for most analytes) and improved extraction and recoveries compared to a single DHS extraction method. A number of compounds were observed that would not be seen by a single extraction – thus providing a more complete profile of the Whisky matrix.


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