Quality Policy

Our focus is to continually develop and improve our Quality Management System so that it provides a platform to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations and that the products and services we provide comply with the agreed specifications and are fit for their intended purpose, where it is known.

The purpose of our Quality Manual is to describe how this policy is implemented, to give guidance to our employees whose actions can affect the quality of product and services, and to illustrate the overall commitment to continual quality improvement within our company.

Our Quality Manual, which is not intended as a standalone document, is supported by detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to form a set of working documents which define our company’s operational control and performance evaluation activities.

The Management Team (MT) are committed to the principles of the ISO:9001 standard and ensure that they are promoted and communicated across the whole organisation to support the achievement of our strategic objectives and annual operating plan.

To ensure the success of the quality management system we will:

  • Comply with all applicable national and international laws and statutory regulations
  • Follow the concept of continual improvement
  • Establish and communicate measurable quality objectives within the organisation
  • Gather, monitor and where necessary act upon customer feedback
  • Commit to an internal audit program to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the QMS
  • Provide training and development opportunities for all staff members
  • Hold Quality Management Review meetings.


We publish this Policy in the knowledge that the quality of our products and services and our ongoing reputation depend on the everyday actions of our employees.

I am wholly committed to this Quality Management System and it is the responsibility of every individual employee of the company to ensure that the task or operation he or she performs fully meets with the specified requirements, before it is passed to the next stage of the business cycle, or to our customers.


Andy Pepper, Divisional Director, Element Laboratory Solutions


Element is ISO:9001 Certified. Please download our ISO:9001 Certificate below: