Application Support

Our applications team and wide array of instruments are here to support your analytical instrumentation or offer you contract analysis services.

The applications we deliver are supported for the lifetime of your instrument, by our team of highly experienced laboratory scientists.  Whether it’s instrument, software or chemistry questions, our team can provide all of the answers you need.

Alternatively, we can provide contract application development services, with no requirement for instrument purchase.  Our extensive range of LC-MS and GC-MS systems can provide high resolution and high sensitivity data and our wide range of automation tools can help to achieve impressive throughput and data quality.

Our application chemists are professionals from a wide range of industries and they can work with you to provide the analytical information that your business needs.  This is also a great option to help develop your business case for instrument purchase.

For a list of equipment and techniques available – see our product pages or simply get in touch to discuss your needs.