Purchasing Options

Flexible, individually-tailored purchasing options to meet your needs

In more than 25 years of doing business, there is only one thing that has remained the same across all of our customers – no two organisations have the same processes for acquiring analytical equipment.

We’ve always succeeded by offering flexible purchasing options that are as varied and individually tailored as the needs of our customers. 

We offer a flexible range of possibilities including contract R&D, rental, finance and pay per test options to help improve your laboratory efficiency and capability. 

Just get in touch and we’ll find a way to work together.

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Contract R & D

No capital budget? We offer contract R&D services to help you make the case for your next budgetary cycle.



Short and Medium term rental for fixed term projects where you really need the analytical capability but can't justify capital spend.



A range of attractive financing options to reduce initial capital expenditure or should you wish to evaluate new technology in the medium term.


Pay Per Test

For laboratories with high throughput requirements, a pay per test financing option is available to reduce capital costs.