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Do you perform complex water and environmental analysis?

If so, our automated analytical solutions can transform the accuracy and efficiency of your research.

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A wide variety of harmful contaminants can make their way into our waterways and wider environment.

As a direct result, every business and organisation with the water & environmental sectors face the huge challenge of identifying these contaminants. This task is especially difficult due to the large variety of potential compounds with varying chemical compositions.

These challenges call for sensitive, robust, fast, and cost-effective analytical techniques.

We are a leading provider of automated analytical solutions for water & environmental chromatography analysis.

Our automated solutions ensure absolute efficiency in the lab. Workflows are optimised to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and data quality. Each and every time.

Explore our automated analytical solutions for Water & Environmental analysis and discover how our solutions can transform your research.

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Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies manufactures industry leading GC(MS) and LC(MS) instruments. As a certified value added reseller, Element works with customers to get the very best analytical data from Agilent's products.

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GERSTEL supplies the best in robotic sample preparation technology. As a certified supplier, Element's customers benefit from access to both online and stand alone systems. Systems which optimise laboratory workflows by minimsing monotonous work that would otherwise have to be carried out by skilled analysts.

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Syft Technologies

Syft Technologies designs and manufactures revolutionary Mass Spectrometers (SIFT-MS). This revolutionary technology enables near real-time detection of virtually all gaseous species at pptv levels. Element is a key strategic partner for the development of SIFT-MS applications. Our team of specialists are among the most knowledgeable in the world.

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LECO make industry leading fast scanning Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers and GC x GC instrumentation.  The Pegasus BT (BenchTOF) instrument brings affordable TOF technology to every GC.

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Midi-Inc has been developing rapid microbial identification solutions for clinical and environmental microbiology laboratories under the Sherlock™ brand name since 1991.

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Teledyne Tekmar

Teledyne Tekmar analytical instruments are industry-leading products for the laboratory, providing productivity-enhancing solutions to a number of industries.

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Zip Technologies

Element and ZIP Technologies work together to create the most efficient and cost-effective GC cooling and heating techniques available. These solutions serve to prolong the lifespan of your vital instrumentation.

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Analysers for Water & Enviromental Analysis

VOC Analyser

The VOC analyser is for managers of environmental laboratories who want to outperform their competitors.

The VOC solution combines two valuable attributes. The first is that it can analyse the full suite of VOCs from water or soil quickly at a rate of 180 samples per day. The second is it’s impressive capacity of up to 240 which enables it to work non-stop over evenings and weekends.

To help your staff keep pace with this fast, high-throughput system, the VOC Analyser performs auto-spiking of standards, freeing up skilled analysts from tedious, routine work.

When compared with older systems, it’s faster with greater sample capacity but doesn’t compromise on data quality.

Glyphosate LC/MS/MS Analyser

Full method validation of Glyphosate, AMPA, and Glufosinate in Water (Crude, trade effluent, surface and groundwater) using the Element Robotic DiLLME Analyser (UKAS Approved method).

This applied solution represents a significant efficiency and cost-per-test saving when compared to the manual method previously used. With the automated method making use of a short sample preparation time of one hour and thirty minutes per sample compared to a process spanning two days with an overnight incubation, a significant time-saving is possible.



Metaldehyde Analyser

Both repeatable and reproducible validation results are obtainable for the on-line analysis of Metaldehyde using ITSP cartridges on an Agilent 7000 GC/MS triple quadrupole instrument.

The GERSTEL MPS system reduces the uncertainty in the analytical measurement and ensures the water being
accepted by the instrument is of sufficient quality to maintain robust and reliable results.

Geosmin & MIB Analyser

The Geosmin Analyser is for drinking water laboratory managers who need the flexibility to quickly switch to the analysis of taste and odour compounds at short notice when an emergency inevitably occurs.

By utilising the flexibility of the GERSTEL MPS Robotic to its fullest extent, when an emergency arises, the Geosmin Analyser can be switched from routine analytical tasks to a fully automated solution for the problem of taste and odour measurements.

DiLLME Analyser

DiLLME is for laboratory chemists who are reliant upon traditional, manual, liquid-liquid extraction to prepare samples prior to analysis and are dissatisfied with the errors, inconvenience, costs and risks associated with a 150-year-old technology.

Our DiLLME robotic workstation automates Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction and extraction and can be supplied as either a free-standing robot, or as part of a full analytical system, built on Agilent GC-MS or LC-MS platforms.

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