4th August 2021

LECO chromaTOF Software is the industry-leading software range in terms of performance and reliability. Read on to find out more about the LECO ChromaTOF Software products supplied by Anatune.


ChromaTOF Software


Developed exclusively by LECO, ChromaTOF® is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratory professionals by processing and analyzing the large amounts of data that are acquired with our time-of-flight instruments.

ChromaTOF offers seamless control of both the instrument and its accessories, as well as an intuitive interface with highly integrated data processing.

ChromaTOF Software is the first mass spectrometry data system to fully accommodate multidimensional chromatographic data (GCxGC).

What Makes ChromaTOF® Unique?

  • Data processing is automatically saved within the file system—no extra steps are needed and you can always come back to where you left off
  • Data file system stores and manages meta- and instrument data for you
  • All standard features are contained within one software package; control for some compatible options is built–in and can be activated when needed
  • ChromaTOF Software is easy-to-use, yet powerful, efficient, and robust
  • Frequently updated for improved maintenance and additional feature development


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Developed exclusively by LECO and used by industry leaders for over 15 years, ChromaTOF-GC supports GCxGC deconvolution, visualization, and reporting.

  • True Signal Deconvolution, Automated Peak Find, and Extended Range Calibration algorithms
  • Enhanced graphics for GCxGC users, including the option of displaying peak labels and peak markers on contour and surface plots
  • Importable ready-to-use workspace templates for access to preferred user interfaces and reduced set-up times
  • Semi-Quantitative Analysis for the reporting of non-calibrated compounds
  • Automatic tuning within user-defined quality control methods
  • Integrated control of a variety of sample handling options from Gerstel, LEAP, Shimadzu, and Agilent
  • Fully-integrated optional environmental report designer
  • Customizable user interface
  • Automatically export data to PDF, CSV, ANDI MS, NETCDF, or Raw file formats
  • Compatibility with LECO’s consumable-free GCxGC thermal modulator
  • Classification development tools
  • Capacity for files up to 4 GB and compatibility with Windows operating systems
  • The LECO/Fiehn Metabolomics Libraryfeatures over 1,100 spectra of 700 unique metabolomics for metabolite identification in your most complex samples. Fully integrated within ChromaTOF, the library works seamlessly with the software’s Library Search function to automatically identify potential analyte matches without the need for importing or exporting data.


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ChromaTOF Tile Analytical Software


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The volume of data for GCxGC analytical software to process can quickly become overwhelming. Multiple tables of thousands of analytes can require months of data mining at a pixel level to find the minute differences between data sets, and even those results are plagued with false positives from normal chromatographic variation.

ChromaTOF Tile GCxGC analytical software revolutionises how GCxGC data is analyzed. This software compares GCxGC data files quickly and easily. Statistically significant differences rise to the top so you can spend less time finding the differences and more time finding out what they mean.

  • ChromaTOF Tile is a separate, stand-alone product to be used in conjunction with ChromaTOF® brand software.
  • All of the tables and plots throughout the interface are exportable for more efficient reporting and to allow you to do more with your data.
  • Clean library-searchable spectra is generated from the tiling process.
  • Areas of the tiles are used to approximately quantify trends across the samples.


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