ChromaTOF® Tile Analytical Software

GCxGC-TOFMS Data Analysis: Turn Your Data into Chemistry

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The volume of data for GCxGC analytical software to process can quickly become overwhelming. Multiple tables of thousands of analytes can require months of data mining at a pixel level to find the minute differences between data sets, and even those results are plagued with false positives from normal chromatographic variation.

ChromaTOF Tile GCxGC analytical software revolutionises how GCxGC data is analyzed. This software compares GCxGC data files quickly and easily. Statistically significant differences rise to the top so you can spend less time finding the differences and more time finding out what they mean.

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  • ChromaTOF Tile is a separate, stand-alone product to be used in conjunction with ChromaTOF® brand software.
  • All of the tables and plots throughout the interface are exportable for more efficient reporting and to allow you to do more with your data.
  • Clean library-searchable spectra is generated from the tiling process.
  • Areas of the tiles are used to approximately quantify trends across the samples.