6th December 2021

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DiLLME, analyser,

DiLLME Analyser


Dispersive Liquid Liquid Microextraction – DiLLME – is for laboratory chemists who are reliant upon traditional, manual, liquid-liquid extraction to prepare samples prior to analysis and are dissatisfied with the errors, inconvenience, costs and risks associated with a 150-year-old technology.

Our DiLLME robotic workstation automates Dispersive Liquid Liquid Microextraction and extraction and can be supplied as either a free-standing robot, or as part of a full analytical system, built on Agilent GC-MS or LC-MS platforms.

Unlike earlier approaches to automated Liquid-Liquid extraction, Anatune’s DiLLME solution is fast, offers low detection limits and uses minimal solvent for wider environmental benefits. It has rapidly gained acceptance and is in routine use with many laboratories.

Anatune offers a free feasibility study to quickly check that your method is suitable for automation. We can also run your samples in our lab and show you the system in operation.

DiLLME has advantages over other approaches due to its simplicity and speed. Furthermore, as unlike headspace approaches the sample does not need to be heated, it has less potential for formation of compounds and potentially less volatile compounds can be analysed.

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DiLLME Application Notes

The effectiveness of our DiLLME Analyser has been illustrated in a number of Application Notes we have published, from Whisky analysis to Organochlorine Pesticide Analysis:

AS232: Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroExtraction (DiLLME) for Whisky Flavour Analysis

AS230: Method Validation of the Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls Using DiLLME and GC-MS/MS.

AS217: Comparison of the Agilent 5977B MSD with High Efficiency Source and 7250 Q-TOF for Analysis Using Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroExtraction of Semi Volatile Organic Compounds.

AS204: Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Epichlorohydrin Using GC-MS.

AS186: Initial Work on Automating DiLLME for EPA 8270

AS182: Fully Automated Method Using DiLLME for Extractable and Leachable Studies


We offer installation, full training to your staff and life-time service and application support.

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