Fully Automated Method Using Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroExtraction (DiLLME) for Extractable and Leachable Studies

Martin Perkins

8th November 2017

Dispersive Liquid-Liquid MicroExtraction (DiLLME) is a technique used to extract analytes from a product matrix and provides a high level of enrichment for trace analysis testing. This enables the use of smaller sample sizes whilst maintaining the low limits of detection often required. A completely automated solution using fast agitation and centrifugation has been developed on the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS). The applicability of this method to the analysis of 11 analytes in a biopharmaceutical drug is demonstrated. The method showed good precision (n=6), recoveries (three spike levels) and linearity with RSDs of less 10%, recoveries between 90 and 110% and R2 greater than 0.995 (9 out of 11 analytes). This automated approach offers significant advantages over manual procedures in terms of analyst time, solvent usage and data quality.


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