New Video: LECO 4D Pegasus BT GCxGC TOFMS and GERSTEL MPS in action


8th April 2022

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Two dimensional gas chromatography, also know as GCxGC, is often best utilised by Analytical R&D departments who are confronted with a wide range of challenging separations on a regular basis.

In fact, comprehensive GCxGC is not becoming the go-to separation approach for a wide variety of applications. Especially when dealing with extremely complex matrix composition. In these instances, versatility and flexibility are of paramount importance. Automation at multiple stages of the analysis – sample preparation and introduction – is the most effective way to truly deliver this capability.

Therefore, our team of Applications Chemists have created a new video to introduce their work combining the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Autosampler with the LECO Pegasus GCxGC TOFMS to see how we can augment the gold standard of analysis.

Watch the video above, on YouTube, or read on to find out more:




The LECO Pegasus GCxGC TOFMS offers increased peak capacity, structural two dimensional chromatograms and sensitivity enhancement. And theĀ GERSTEL MPS is a robotic rail which offers the widest range of possibilities for automating the extraction of volatiles and semi-volatiles.


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GERSTEL MPS Autosampler


The GERSTEL MPS performs almost every stage of sample preparation, including automated liquid extractions with Centrifugation, Agitation and Filtration. It also employs different sample introduction techniques such as dynamic headspace, thermal desorption and pyrolysis. All of these are modular and all fit on a rail to suit any analytical problem.

The marriage of these two powerful techniques offers sample preparation capabilities matched to the analytical ability of two dimensional gas chromatography and GC-MS. All the while keeping your most talented method development scientists away from the mundane tasks better performed robotically.

To find out how this would work on your samples, CONTACT US today to arrange a demonstration.


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