PRODUCT UPDATE: CF200 Centrifuge to Become Obsolete


7th April 2022

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Anatune has announced that the CF200 centrifuge will be become obsolete* in three (3) months and will not be taking orders for new CF200’s with immediate effect. Please liaise with your Account Manager for specific details.

We will continue to support the CF200 as a legacy product (see support details below) to ensure that our customers can receive the maximum return on their investment.

Anatune is committed to providing a range of support and service options for obsolete products, aimed at giving a degree of support for up to seven years following the date of obsolescence. To further support customers, new products or technology upgrades may be available through exchange programmes when a given product is obsolete.

The following table outlines the level of support and service that is available following notice of obsolescence. The services listed in the table below will be chargeable where it falls outside the normal warranties or service contracts provided to the customer.


Service 0 – 2 yrs 2 -7 yrs
Technical support**


* Product obsolescence is the “end of life” of a product’s life cycle. Products may become obsolete due to the introduction of newer products and technologies (Technical Obsolescence), due to the lack of availability of parts or the use of parts which no longer comply with regulatory guidelines (Component Obsolescence). Anatune’s policy is to provide a “Notice of Obsolescence” which provides our customers with a minimum of three (3) months’ notice for last time orders. The product is then “Obsolete”.

** Anatune will endeavour to meet customer needs up to 7 years, but cannot guarantee availability of parts or resources beyond two years.