MPS Standalone

As a new member of the MPS family, the MPS robotic is a highly efficient autosampler with extended robotic functionality which provides reliable processing of complex tasks.

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As a new member of the MPS family, the GERSTEL MPS robotic Standalone Autosampler is a highly efficient GC/MS autosampler with extended robotic functionality. The MPS robotic provides reliable processing of complex tasks. Syringe holders and syringes are integrated in special syringe modules, which can be exchanged automatically within a running sequence when using the MPS roboticpro for maximum flexibility.

Proven MAESTRO control

The MPS robotic is controlled by the proven GERSTEL MAESTRO software in a simple and efficient manner. MAESTRO provides full flexibility by allowing an ongoing analysis sequence to be modified to incorporate priority samples. The built-in, context sensitive help function enables simple sequence and method development and setup.

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  • GERSTEL MPS Robotic benefits

    • Multifunctional, flexible autosampler
    • Universal Syringe Module USM
    • Proven MAESTRO Software control
    • New Member of the MPS family
    • Extended Robotic Functionalities of the MPS roboticpro
    • Optimized Tray Design


    GERSTEL MPS Robotic features:

    • Autosampler for all sample introduction techniques: Standard liquid introduction, Headspace (HS) and SPME
    • Modular expansion enables simple adaptation to future analytical needs
    • Reliable results thanks to optimized discriminationfree transfer of analytes using fast injection in combination with hot split/splitless inlets
    • One unified syringe module for liquid injection syringes ranging from 1 to 1,000 μL
    • Future proof, only the GERSTEL USM is compatible with the GERSTEL Gripper, enabling a multitude of sample preparation techniques
    • Unified control of the MPS robotic and all GERSTEL modules
    • Simple and reliable method generation and set-up thanks to intuitive handling concept and contextsensitive interactive Help function
    • Sample preparation platform of the future, long term availability of modules and accessories is guaranteed safeguarding your investment
    • μL-Injections performed even from very small sample volumes using Bottom Vial Sensing
    • Maximum Flexibility: Automated change of two or more syringe modules in a running sequence enables the combination of liquid, HS and SPME sample introduction in one automated method and sequence
    • Added reliability of complex sample preparation procedures thanks to power feedback for every movement of the sampler
    • Higher sample capacity thanks to extended sample trays
    • Flexible use of different vial sizes: Up to three different tray types can be placed in every tray holder
    • Extended Headspace and SPME sample capacity: Optimized honeycomb-style tray design for 10- and 20 mL vials and extended sampler reach increases throughput by >50%.

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