25 Years of Progress: The Anatune Story


21st June 2021

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Anatune is 25!!

We are all delighted to be able to reach this fantastic milestone!

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to have served the scientific community for this length of time.

To celebrate Anatune’s first quarter century in business and 25 Years of Progress in the GC/GCMS/LC/MS fields, let’s take a look at Anatune’s history to see how it all happened.


Anatune History: Genesis

In 1995, Dutch Instrumentation company ATAS acquired distribution rights to the OPTIC 2 Programable Injector from AI Cambridge. ATAS then set-up a company to sell and support the OPTIC 2 and other gas chromatography products in the UK and Ireland. And so began the life of what would become Anatune.

Initially, the business focussed upon developing, selling and supporting novel GC injector and automation technology. This was done in the belief that mainstream manufactures had left significant gaps in the market.

This belief was proved to be correct. The OPTIC 2 became a success and gained the reputation of the best large-volume GC injector available.

In 1998, ATAS became a value-added reseller for Agilent Technologies and we were now able to offer our customers complete analytical solutions.

This heralded another period of prosperity and we are proud to say that many names from our first order book are still friends of the company to this day.

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Anatune History: Independence

In 2001, due to the acquisition of the wider ATAS Group, the opportunity to acquire the Cambridge-arm of the business arose. When it did, Anatune’s MD at the time, Ray Perkins, jumped at it.

No longer part of the ATAS group and focused exclusively on serving the UK and Irish markets, another period of growth ensued.

With the OPTIC Injector, Anatune had successfully introduced new technology into the GC marketplace. To make the most of these skills, in 2002, Anatune signed a contract with LECO Inc. to sell and support their range of GC-TOFMS instruments.

Over the next four years, we solved analytical problems for a huge range of customers. Succeeding in establishing the LECO GC product line and becoming one of Europe’s largest distributors of GERSTEL GmbH’s sample preparation technologies.

More recently, in 2010, we began distributing Syft Technologies SIFT-MS equipment – a technology we believe will revolutionise many areas of analysis.

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Anatune History: Innovation and Partnerships

In any business sector, there are a small number of customers who are both inventive and far sighted.

We’ve always strived to seek these people out and go out of our way to serve their needs.

This policy has paid dividends. It has enabled our customers to develop analytical solutions and overcome new analytical challenges. Here are just a few examples we’re particularly proud of:

  • The Anatune VOC analyser proved to be the fastest and highest capacity instrument for measuring VOCs in water and soil samples at the lowest cost per sample.
  • Our Vitamin D Analyser is an LC-QQQ solution for the automated, high-throughput analysis of Vitamin D in blood serum.
  • Working with the University of Manchester to show that GC-TOF MS can be used to identify biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease in a highly publicised piece of work.



The Next 25 Years of Progress

Anatune’s 25 annivsersary is an important milestone. But that’s all it is. The entire team are committed to keep on developing. It promises to be a very exciting future.

In 2018, with Anatune’s CEO and owner, Ray Perkins, approaching retirement, Arch Scientific Group made an offer to acquire Anatune.

As a result of Arch Scientific Group’s vision for Anatune’s future, and determination to preserve the company’s unique qualities, Ray accepted the offer. Anatune became part of the group in November 2018.

Our success has always been reliant on the fantastic work that our customers do. We’re therefore very excited about the additional capabilities being part of Arch Scientific Group offers to our customers.

In the words of Alan Lockley, our Managing Director:

Here’s to the next quarter century.”


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