Celebrating 25 Years of Progress: Get to Know Our Leadership Team


24th June 2021

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2021 sees Anatune celebrate our 25 anniversary. To help celebrate, we’ve sat down with our Leadership Team to give you an insight into who they are, what they do, and how Anatune is looking to build on 25 Years of Progress.

In this edition, we speak to Anatune Managing Director, Alan Lockley, to find out all about his career to date, and discover how Anatune has achieved a quarter of a century in business.


Alan Lockley, Anatune Managing Director


Thanks for speaking with me, Al. Can I start by asking how long have you worked at Anatune and what are your current responsibilities?

I started work at Anatune in February 2009 as a service engineer, which was a fantastic opportunity and a role I really enjoyed. I loved the fast pace and always having to think on your feet. If truth be told, I still miss the buzz of diagnosing and repairing a really tricky breakdown….it’s a great feeling!

From there, I was promoted to Service Manager which gave me the opportunity address some of the operational bottle necks I had noticed during my time as an engineer. Though none of the bottle necks where significant, there were many, and addressing these had a profound effect on the team’s ability to provide great customer support.

I then became Chief Operating Officer for a brief period, before becoming the Managing Director of Anatune as we became part of the Arch sciences Group. As head of our Leadership Team, I now have overall responsibility for business strategy and performance. My main responsibilities being to create a safe, engaging and inclusive working environment for the whole team. It really is an exciting time as we look to build on 25 years of success.


What led you to a career in analytical chemistry in the first place?

I always enjoyed science at school. Not really having any idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, I just pursued the subjects that I enjoyed (Art and Science). I didn’t attend university straight after finishing college. Instead, I started working at various local laboratories and studied part time for all my further qualifications.

I then went on to study Biochemistry at Wolverhampton University and then obtained a Masters from Cardiff University before joining Anatune. After being promoted to Service Manager I recognised I needed a better understanding of business management so I also studied Business Management at Derby University before beginning an MBA at Arden University.


What have been the most significant industry changes since the start of your career?

Certainly during my time in the industry, instrument software capability and ease of use has had a profound effect. Mass-spec data analysis and data deconvolution was once extremely time-consuming. It was also limited to vastly experienced, extremely qualified teams and individuals.

Fast forward to today. Modern instruments with the latest software can perform seriously complex data analysis with just a click of a mouse. We’ve all become so accustomed to it, we forget how powerful modern software has become.




25 Years of success is a fantastic feat. As a long-term member of the company and its Leadership Team, what attributes do you feel have enabled Anatune to achieve this? 

Simply by putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.


What have been your proudest moments at Anatune so far?  

Being able to support Professor Perdita Barran and Joy Milne in their amazing work to identify the compounds that Joy could smell on people who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease.

It was an honour to play a small part in the fight against a truly horrible disease.


What are your predictions for the future of analytical chemistry/GC,LC,MS over the next 5 – 10 years?

From a technological point of view, I believe sample prep automation will proliferate.

Covid-19 has forced us all to consider how we used to work. It has challenged how we could potentially work smarter going forward. 2 years ago, very few businesses used video meetings, now it’s the norm. The same shift in acceptance is happening regarding automated sample prep.


sample prep automation solution 1


Which two of the world’s biggest brands do you admire the most and why?

RedBull: Going from the manufacturer of a ghastly – in my opinion! – energy drink to owning or sponsoring some major sporting teams and individuals is a phenomenal achievement. In particular, they run some great adrenaline sport events that help support up-and-coming stars in the kind of sports that don’t offer a footballers wage. I think that’s great.

Rolls Royce: I’ve never aspired to owning a Rolls Royce, nor do I think they are particularly nice looking cars. But I do absolutely admire their obsession for quality and excellence.


Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to your fantasy dinner-party? And why?

Jimi Hendrix: Obviously for the music as I am a huge fan of his, but more for the stories he could tell about the some of the after parties he attended!

David Attenborough: I have always loved nature and like most people I’ve watched David’s documentaries my entire life. Just to sit and listen to him talk face to face would be amazing.


hobbies, hill walking, rock climbing,


Which hobbies or interests help you to relax when you’re away from the office?

Rock Climbing, Hill-Walking and Cycling are my go to hobbies. Cycling in particular (both on the road and in the mountains) has been a real passion of mine my entire life, spending entire summer holidays on my beloved Raleigh Griffin.

That said, I never watch events like the Tour De France because I find them so unbelievably dull to watch!


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