VOC Analyser

The measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in drinking and wastewater is a well-established analytical test in water and environmental laboratories, with numerous regulatory drivers.

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Application Notes

The VOC analyser is for managers of environmental laboratories who want to outperform their competitors.

The VOC solution combines two valuable attributes. The first is that it can analyse the full suite of VOCs from water or soil quickly at a rate of 180 samples per day. The second is it’s impressive capacity of up to 240 which enables it to work non-stop over evenings and weekends.

To help your staff keep pace with this fast, high-throughput system, the Element VOC Analyser performs auto-spiking of standards, freeing up skilled analysts from tedious, routine work. 

When compared with older systems, it’s faster with greater sample capacity but doesn’t compromise on data quality. 

We can run your samples in our lab and show you the system in operation. We can also provide you with documentation to help you with your purchase justification.


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