Workshop – The Latest in SIFT-MS

Martin Perkins

25th May 2016

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The technology of SIFT-MS is developing rapidly in ways that are expanding what it can do still further.

SIFT-MS offers two important advantages, firstly, it is able to analyse small molecules of all polarities easily – including many classes of compounds that are tricky to analyse in other ways (short chain carbonyl compounds for example).

Secondly, it is lightning fast; it can analyse gas phase samples in seconds.

On the 12th, 13th and 14th July we will be hosting one-day workshops at our Cambridge laboratory, covering two important new developments that enable you to do even more with SIFT-MS.

Negative ion SIFT-MS

In positive ion mode, you use three different +ve reagent ions; with the new negative ion source you get to use five ve ions as well.  This means that even more molecules can be detected and even greater specificity can be gained.  Here you can find a summary of what is possible.  You will be surprised at just how versatile SIFT-MS has become.

SIFT-MS Autosampling with the GERSTEL MPS

The speed of SIFT-MS makes it an attractive way of analysing batches of samples fast.  SIFT-MS has autosampling requirements that are different to GC-MS, and the versatile GERSTEL MPS sampler can accommodate them.  Recently, Syft Technologies have introduced a Headspace Autosampler Package which you can see in action here.  Through hands-on demonstrations learn how to automate:

  • Sampling from Tedlar bags and containers
  • Fast multiple headspace extraction
  • Dynamic headspace sampling

Alongside LC-MS and GC-MS, SIFT-MS is destined to become the third essential technique that every analytical lab should have; by attending one of these workshops, you will gain a good understanding of how SIFT-MS works, what it can do for you and all the latest news.

The cost is £50 + VAT per person, which is inclusive of all course material, lunch and refreshments.

Workshop places are limited, so if you wish to reserve a place, please email:, or call us on +44 (0)1223 279210.