We’re Now up to Speed – are you?

Martin Perkins

1st June 2017

GC-MS/MS, GC/MS Library, Kathy Ridgway, Linear Retention Indices, MassHunter, MassHunter Quant, MRM, Retention Time Locking, Targeted Deconvolution, Unknowns Analysis,

Last week, Chris Sandy (Sandcastle Consulting Ltd) visited Element to train our applications chemists in some of the features of the latest version of Agilent Masshunter software (B.O8).

We covered use of Retention Time Locking (not something new to many, but the automation in the software makes this user friendly and easy to set up).  Easy relocking of methods following maintenance mean constant retention times for all analytes.  We certainly plan to use this in future solutions we develop at Element.

The new version of Unknowns Analysis includes exciting features, including the ability to process 2D non-MS data alongside MS.  Targeted Deconvolution and screening have also been improved with the introduction of SureTarget.

Improvements in Data acquisition include the inclusion of dynamic MRM, to optimise quantitative methods on Agilent’s GC-MS/MS systems.

Coming from a food and flavour background, one of the most exciting new developments from my perspective is the incorporation of Linear Retention Indices with deconvoluted GC/MS library search data.  Chris has personally spent significant time on this in collaboration with a flavour company and now has clear workflows using Masshunter Quant and Unknowns Analysis – including PDF reports incorporating measured and library LRI.  This is soon to be published as an Agilent application note, so watch this space…