Webinar – An Approach to Pharma Method Validation for Direct Mass Spectrometry

Martin Perkins

24th January 2019

Formaldehyde, Mark Perkins, Mass Spectrometry, Pharmaceutical, Selected Ion Flow Mass Spectrometry, SIFT-MS, Webinar,

On Tuesday 29th January, Dr Vaughan Langford of Syft Technologies and Element’s Dr Mark Perkins will be collaborating on a Webinar.

They will show how SIFT-MS methods can be successfully validated in accordance with ICH Q2(R1) guidelines, using formaldehyde analysis as a case study.

The session will also provide insight into SIFT-MS more generally including its ability to speed up and simplify many of your methods.

To whet your appetite, click through below to read more about how straightforward formaldehyde analysis can be, if you use SIFT-MS!

High-Speed Formaldehyde Analysis for the Process-Line and Laboratory: SIFT-MS
High-Throughput Formaldehyde Analysis in Air Using Direct Mass Spectrometry

Click here for more information and to sign up for the Webinar.