Life Cycle of Food Analysis – Contaminants Analysis from Farm to Fork and Beyond

Martin Perkins

22nd January 2019

3-MCPD, Acrylamide, Asparagine, Contaminants, Crop, Extractable, Food, Glycidol, Leachable, Packaging, Pesticide, Workshop,

Anatune is hosting a two day Workshop in Cambridge, looking at contaminant analysis throughout the life cycle of food. Topics to be covered include but are not exclusive to:

  • Asparagine/Acrylamide testing
  • 3-MCPD/Glycidol
  • Extractable and leachable (packaging)
  • Unknown contaminants
  • Automated pesticide testing

This workshop will feature industry experts explaining the why and the what with Anatune providing the how, including practical demonstrations. Set aside the 2nd/3rd April to dive into all three.

As the world’s population grows, so too does the need for more efficient food production and the reduction of waste. To this end, the accurate contaminant analysis, including measurement, monitoring and controlling of any possible toxic or eco-toxic effects is of paramount importance.

Each stage of the process holds the potential for contamination and the introduction of toxic elements to the food chain. These contaminants can range in concentration and affect foods in many different ways.

First is at the farm. Crop science plays an important role in reducing any potential process chemicals such as acrylamide from forming by reducing asparagine content. Furthermore, farmers using an ever changing cocktail of pesticides need to make sure their crops grow without unacceptable negative consequences on the environment or their produce.

When grown, manufacturers’ processes ensure their produce leaves the factory contaminant free.

Once shipped and stacked, it’s important that the packaging itself doesn’t leach chemicals directly onto the products while on the shelf.

After consumption, any waste needs to be disposed of. Despite this being the end of the process it needs careful consideration from the start.

A mind boggling amount of testing and quality control goes into ensuring the best possible product reaches consumers so there’s plenty to keep us occupied!

Full agenda and speakers to be announced shortly so watch this space or CONTACT US for more information.