Portsmouth Paper with Reference to Anatune’s Metaldehyde Solution

Martin Perkins

29th January 2019

Gas Chromatography, GC/MS, Mass Spectrometry, Metaldehyde, Online Monitoring, Sean O'Connor, University of Portsmouth, Water,

Portsmouth Paper with Reference to Anatune’s Metaldehyde Solution:

Our contemporaries at University of Portsmouth have released their study Comparison of different monitoring methods for the measurement of metaldehyde in surface water.

It’s currently free to access so click the link above immediately if you’re interested in the potential that online water monitoring holds for metaldehyde measurement and beyond.

The paper compares four different metaldehyde monitoring techniques, including on-line gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), the development of which Anatune was heavily involved with.

We’re very proud of the work done by Anatune’s Richard Davis and former Anatunian Jeff Stubbs (hi Jeff!). We realise there is no winning or losing in analytical science but nevertheless, ‘the highest resolution data was obtained using the on-line GC/MS’.

Take from that what you will!

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