Single Drop Micro Extraction Now Available with the GERSTEL MPS

Martin Perkins

5th September 2014

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A little over a year ago, Anatune entered into a co-operation with Glaxo SmithKline to work on the development of new automated sample preparation technologies.

This has turned out to be a very fruitful exercise.

Our first project was to fully automate Single Drop Micro Extraction (SDME). This technique has some similarities to SPME, but rather than using a coated fibre as the extraction medium, SDME uses a single drop of solvent, the whole of which can be injected into the GC-MS once the analytes have been extracted from the matrix.

The principle advantage of this approach is that, compared to SPME, it is very easy to adjust the composition of the extracting solvent to match the chemistry of individual matrix/analyte combinations. With SPME what you can do is limited by the commercial availability of a relatively small range of SPME fibres.

To support SDME, we needed a specially developed syringe and the creation of an SDME mode within the Maestro software that drives the GERSTEL MPS. This is now available and has passed the tests in our lab with flying colours.

One big advantage of controlling this new technique via Maestro is that our SDME automation package integrates seamlessly with all Agilent GC-MS platforms.

If you are an existing GERSTEL MPS user, then for most of you, it will be possible to try SDME at very little cost. All that you need is to buy a special SDME syringe and for one of our support engineers to come in to set-up the MPS for you.

Follow this link for a poster on this topic . If you want to know more, please call us on +44 (0)1223 279210 or email