Please forgive us for asking…

Martin Perkins

3rd September 2014

Alan Lockley, staff, team,

All of us here at Element are strongly committed to providing excellent customer service.

To make this happen we have to have appropriate tools and internal processes that support our aspirations.

Recently Alan Lockley (Element’s Support Manager) and I have been thinking hard about putting in place some metrics that will enable us to quantitatively track important aspects of Element’s customer service performance.

There are lots of things we could measure, but it seems pretty obvious to us, that we should measure those aspects of our performance that our customers find important, and work to improve those things still further.

We can make some guesses about what is important, but it is far better to find out what our customers really think. We can then act based upon hard facts rather than assumptions.

This is a well-trodden path.

Many thought-leaders currently regard the Net Promoter Methodology as the most effective way of uncovering what matters most to an organisation’s customers, so we have decided to adopt it too.

What does this mean for customers?

From now on, at certain points in your dealings with Element, you will receive an email containing a very brief questionnaire (it should take less than a minute to complete). We will use the information you provide in three ways:

  1. If we come across an issue we are unaware of, we will do our best to resolve it.
  2. We will compile the responses provided and build an overall picture of what our customers think we do well and where we can do better.
  3. We will also use this feed-back to determine the most important things that we need to measure and introduce appropriate metrics.

We will do all we can to make it quick and easy for you to provide this valuable feedback. With your help, we will turn Element into an even better company for you to deal with.

We will all be very grateful for your help with this initiative.