GERSTEL at Future Focus


3rd August 2022

As we prepare for our Future Focus event, we’ve been looking at some of our biggest collaboration success stories. This week with GERSTEL. We’ve enjoyed a long, highly collaborative relationship with our partners at GERSTEL. But it wasn’t always this way.

Those of you with long memories might recall Anatune selling Optic automated injection instruments. At first these were good for us and our customers, allowing us to gain a foothold in the market and grow our business by offering novel automation solutions to innovative companies. This put us in firm competition with GERSTEL’s operations in the UK in the early days.

Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves newly independent of our parent company and in need of an alternative automation offering. As it has a habit of doing, the phone rang at a highly opportune time.

GERSTEL were looking for a UK distribution partner and our friends at CTC had recommended us as a candidate. What made us stand out was our complete offering of sales, service and applications. Customer evaluations, laboratory demonstrations, method development, service and application support. We could do the lot.

As a company we’ve always been application focused so we could bring a lot of input to the table with GERSTEL and their distributors across other markets. Needless to say we went ahead with the project and have never looked back.

Almost immediately we became one of their top two European distributors. Our strategy for success was and remains a radically open policy of collaboration and knowledge sharing between our allies (where legal and appropriate of course).

Early on, we helped one of our flavour and fragrance customers hack an early version of the Olfactory Detection Port to better suit their needs. The insights our customers gained were incorporated into the next generation of the ODP.

More recently, we worked closely with GERSTEL to develop a fully automated centrifuge that works with on their MPS platform. This in turn made our fully automated Dispersive Liquid Liquid Micro Extraction solution possible. Miniaturised applications like this are key to moving laboratories towards a more sustainable future through reductions in solvent and energy usage. It is also key to the Vitamin D Analyser becoming a reality.

There are too many examples of this relationship bearing fruit to include in a short blog post.

If you’re interested in finding our more, join us at the Future Focus event at the end of September where people from GERSTEL and GERSTEL Inc, another very successful GERSTEL distributor, will be presenting their innovative work.

Jack Stuff and Kurt Thaxton will be sharing their work in the Analytical Challenges section of the event. They’ll be talking about the Analysis of Microplastics by GERSTEL Pyro Module and Analysis of PFAS in Air by GERSTEL Thermal Desorption Unit respectively.

Anatune’s Colin Hastie will also be talking about the Analysis of PFAS in water in the same session. Watch the video below to find out more.

We hope to see you there.