Gas Chromatography – The Past or the Future?

Martin Perkins

15th March 2016

Aroma Analysis, Chromatographic Society, Gas Chromatography, GC, GCxGC, Kathy Ridgway, Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC,

As a technique, Gas Chromatography is very well established, but that’s not to say there is lack of new developments.

In October last year, I presented at the fifth Advances in Gas Chromatography Meeting in Runcorn, organised by the Chromatographic Society and the RSC analytical division.

As well as covering the basics, the meeting reported on new developments and applications in column technology, detectors, automation options, breast implants as sampling devices (yes really!) as well as sample preparation and use of GCxGC.

As a follow up, I was asked to write an article for Chromatography Today.  This issue, featuring Gas Chromatography as a focus area, has now been published and can be viewed here.

The article covers just some of the sample preparation options available for aroma analysis that can be automated on-line with Gas Chromatography.  I hope it highlights developments since the early days of manual injections, through simple autosamplers to now complex fully automated solutions for the majority of sample preparation protocols.

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