When Food Leaves a Bad Taste

Martin Perkins

3rd May 2016

Flavour, Food, Odours, Off-Flavours, Ray Marsili, Susan Roach,

Off-flavours and odours in foods now constitute the most common complaint in the consumer food industry.

According to food and flavour experts, more lawsuits are being filed today over alleged deterioration in foods, customers are rejecting products, and products are being recalled due to unintentional tastes and odours.

Ray Marsili, an independent consulting chemist who specialises in determining the causes of off-flavours, has earned himself a world-wide reputation for his abilities as a ‘flavour detective’ of sorts, working with companies to help determine the causes of certain flavours, and figuring out why things can go wrong.

Discover here how he uses GERSTEL equipment to investigate the most challenging mysteries in the flavour business.

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