Customers Make St Patrick’s Day Rainbows!!

Anna Perkins

7th April 2015

AutoPrep, Instrument Top Sample Preparation, ITSP, Rainbows, Sean O'Connor, St Patricks Day, VOC Solution, Workshop,

Last month 20 of our customers attended our AutoPrep Workshop, and were inspired to return to their laboratories with thoughts of saving time, labour and solvent.

The workshop was a mixture of talks and practical sessions in which customers were taken through the practical aspects of automating their laboratory prep work. The practical sessions were given over to demonstrating the ease of software use by getting them to prepare calibration standards using the automated system to mix blue and yellow dyes to create the St. Patricks Day rainbow.

Both ITSP (Instrument Top Sample Preparation) our MicroSPE system and our VOC Solution were demonstrated prompting much discussion around the topics. With a wide range of industries represented, these discussions lead to an exchange of ideas and common problems between the customers which could be solved by automation. A number of customers left with a spark in their eye and a want to return to the lab to try their ideas.

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