Offline Automated Extraction of Non-Polar Pesticides in Water with Analysis by GC-MS

Martin Perkins

1st February 2018

Levels of pesticides in the environment are subject to strict control and it is therefore critical to have suitable methods for their determination in both the environment and drinking water. Liquid-liquid extraction is an established technique, but can be time consuming and use large volumes of solvent. The miniaturisation and automation of liquid-liquid extraction offers many advantages including reduction in solvent usage as well as analyst’s time. This application note describes a preliminary study into the extraction and analysis of samples of water spiked with a suite of pesticides. Two sets of aqueous spiked samples were prepared at 5 concentration levels. Triplicate aliquots (15 mL) were extracted with 1 mL hexane and 25 µL injected into the GC-MS/MS.  The results indicated this approach could be used to achieve limits of detection below 1 ng/L for the majority of compounds analysed.


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