MAESTRO Software

Automated Sample Preparation and Sample Introduction Software.

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Automated Sample Preparation and Sample Introduction Software. 

MAESTRO has an easy to use graphical interface that provides unsurpassed flexibility for sample preparation, method development and analytical efficiency. MAESTRO can also import sample information from any LIMS system in CSV format to support high throughput operation.

  • Complete software control of all GERSTEL modules
  • Multi–sample “Prep Ahead” for maximum efficiency and sample throughput
  • Unique graphical sample scheduler window provides real-time status information and allows easy method time optimization
  • Intuitive sample preparation; no macro programming needed
  • Unsurpassed number of sample preparation functions available
  • Extensive on-line help
  • Graphical real-time system status information
  • Can be fully integrated into Agilent ChemStation and GC/QQQ MassHunter software
  • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
  • One copy of MAESTRO can control up to four MPS systems
  • Real-time E-mail notification of instrument errors
  • Complete system action logfile for traceability and fast troubleshooting
  • Watch the MAESTRO video here

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