The Analytical Chemistry of the Smell of Parkinson’s

Martin Perkins

16th March 2018

Disease, Joy Milne, Olfactometry, Parkinson's, Ray Perkins, Sample Preparation,

Anatune’s involvement in the search for a test for Parkinson’s disease forms part of a BBC documentary that was first shown last December.

Thanks to the BBC, awareness of this project has spread World-wide and the publicity has been very beneficial.

However, the BBC documentary was intended for a general audience and so lacked a lot of technical detail of interest to analytical chemists.

To fill this gap, we have produced a series of three short videos, that discuss the work that was done jointly by Anatune, the University of Manchester and Joy Milne, to show that, at least in principle, GC-MS provides a means of early diagnosis for this terrible disease.

The Smell of Parkinson’s – Video 1 – Sample Preparation

The Smell of Parkinson’s – Video 2 – Olfactometry

The Smell of Parkinson’s – Video 3 – Processing the Data