The Three C’s Rule of Automation

Martin Perkins

20th March 2018

Automation, Camilla Liscio, Chemometrics, Design of Experiment, DoE, Golden Triangle, Workshop,

Automation is our bread and butter.

It’s what we do: providing analytical solutions which feature automated sample preparation coupled to hyphenated techniques.

And we are passionate about it.  Possibly biased, true, but most likely converted.  Converted by the tangible realisation of how automation can improve the quality and effectiveness of analytical data.  As an analytical chemist, you cannot help appreciating that.


It’s all about what I like to call the three C’s rule of automation.

Automation is Convenient, Controlled and Consistent.

Each of these C’s can bring synergy to other extremely useful disciplines in analytical chemistry such as Design of Experiment (DoE) and Chemometrics, providing a very powerful toolkit to tackle complex analytical challenges.

I’ve shown some examples of this mind-set at HTC-15 in January.  Here is the link to the presentation video.

Most importantly, if you are interested in knowing more, on the 19th and 20th June 2018, Anatune will run a two-day Workshop in Cambridge, pitched around the ‘golden triangle’: automation as the core link to perform DoE and Chemometrics.  Guest speakers from JMP Statistical Software and from our customers will be there to add on the DoE and Chemometrics aspects of the story.

I think this is such a great opportunity to explore the power of automation combined with DoE and Chemometrics and I am really looking forward to the stimulating discussion all the speakers and attendees will bring to this event.

Places will be limited and on a first-come, first served basis, so book now if you wish to attend.

The cost is £100 + VAT per person for the 2 days, which is inclusive of all course material, lunch and refreshments on both days.  The venue is at the Felix Hotel, Cambridge, UK.