Advances in LC/GC/MS for Metabolomics, Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Martin Perkins

6th March 2018

Automation, Biotechnology, Chemometrics, Design of Experiments, DoE, LC/GC/MS, Life Sciences, Metabolomics, Sample Prep, Workshop,

On the 19th and 20th June 2018, Anatune will run a two-day workshop in Cambridge, to introduce innovations that are important to those using the separation sciences in biotechnology, metabolomics and the life sciences in general.

Our objective is to deliver an understanding of the principles of Design of Experiments, Chemometrics and Sample Prep Automation and how it all fits together.

And they do all fit together in a rather interesting way.

Of course, automating sample preparation saves you from a lot of work, but by eliminating a lot of variability, it has a large positive impact on the speed and ease of method development and also upon the ability of chemometrics to tease out meaningful sample-to-sample differences.

In our own lab, we have been able to derive tremendous benefits, by linking these three disciplines together and we would like to share our knowledge with you, to give:

  • Faster, more rigorous method development
  • Better quality methods
  • More consistent data, better suited to chemometrics

We expect this workshop to be well attended, so please contact us now if you want to attend.

The cost is £100 + VAT per person for the 2 days, which is inclusive of all course material, lunch and refreshments on both days.  The venue is at the Felix Hotel, Cambridge, UK.