What Can the RSC Do For You?

Martin Perkins

18th February 2016

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To be, or not to be??….. No… not that RSC!!

I have been a member of the other RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) for many years, and became a Chartered Chemist over 10 years ago, but it was only in the last 4 years that I have been actively involved with them.

It began with joining an interest group committee, after a call for volunteers for the Food Group.  Now I am Secretary of this group and am involved in sponsorship, student prizes and organisation of conference and symposia of interest to members (see MyRSC Food Group for further details).

After joining Anatune, and attending the general assembly, I was made aware of the Enterprise Plus Scheme – an incentive started in 2013 to assist small and medium business, involved in chemistry and innovation.  I am proud to say that Anatune has just renewed its membership of this scheme for the second year.

So what can you get out of it? Apart from the excellent networking opportunities, Enterprise Plus provides training and financial benefits.  These include; vouchers towards training for members, help with recruitment via listings with Chemistry World jobs, advertising in Chemistry World and discounts on journal and database subscriptions, RSC books and marketing.  They also provide substantial grants for student placements – including assistance on selection of the best candidates.  They even offer a discount for hire of Burlington House Chemistry Centre in London Piccadilly, a stunning location in central London.


More lately I have also been involved in looking into re-establishing a Midlands Analytical Division, so if you’re in this region, watch this space for an event in Birmingham coming to you in the spring!

The RSC is a vast organisation, with a plethora of useful resources and a wide range of interest groups and regional activities.  It can link academics to industry and provide resources to help you in growing your company or progressing your research.

So in answer to the question ‘What can the RSC do for me?’ – it may be more than you think.

Take a look at the RSC website for general information, or here for Enterprise Plus information.  If you’re interested in the activities of the Food Group and forthcoming meetings, follow this link, or email enquiries@anatune.co.uk.