The Curse of Lumpy Samples

Martin Perkins

31st July 2015

Filtration, MPS, MultiPurpose Sampler, Sue Roach,

Sometimes it is the simplest of problems that can ruin your day.

No GC-MS or LC-MS can handle particulate laden samples for long without problems. You are likely to suffer blockages, generate chemical noise and you can create active sites in your system.

Filtering samples is easy enough to do by hand, if you only have a few to run, but it is inconvenient if you have lots of samples to do.

Automating the filtration of sample prior to injection is simple to do, as this brief video demonstrates.

Of course, once you decide to automate the filtration of samples, then it is worth looking at what else can be done at the same time (addition of internal standards for example).

The beauty of the GERSTEL MPS is that it can be configured to perform a sequence of sample preparation steps in sequence, to closely match your existing manual procedure.

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