TD-SIFT-MS: You Can’t Keep a Good Idea Down

Martin Perkins

17th December 2019

What have Post-it notes, Silly Putty, Velcro, microwave ovens and The Analytical Scientist all have in common with Anatune’s latest Application Note on thermal desorption SIFT-MS (TD-SIFT-MS)? Apart from being immensely useful (even Silly Putty) … serendipity, that’s what!

A couple of months after demonstrating Syft Technologies’ new TD-SIFT-MS at the IABR 2019 Breath Summit, I decided it was time to write a short App Note on what I did there – which was largely eating mints and breathing into TD tubes. And on the same day I put the App Note together, this month’s The Analytical Scientist dropped onto my desk. Inside was the 2019 Innovation Awards list. Flicking through it, I happened to come across – at No. 7 in the list – Syft Technologies’ High Throughput TD-SIFT-MS! Who says we don’t plan this stuff!

Just goes to show, you can’t keep a good idea down…

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