SIFT-MS, The MultiPort Inlet and Processes Monitoring – The Ideal Partnership

Martin Perkins

29th May 2019

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People often ask me, Mark, what’s your favourite tube?

Is it the London Underground? Perhaps it’s YouTube with its thousands of hours of free videos on Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry -SIFT-MS?

But no I say. While both are wonderful tubes, they are not my favourite.

My favourite has always been the tube that makes my daily cycle to work possible. The unseen hero in the mechanical wonder that is peddle based propulsion.

But, like my bicycle life doesn’t stand still.

Paradigms shift.

Innovations change landscapes.

New favourite tubes are adopted.

Understandable questions are asked.

Questions like:

Mark, I can see you have a passion for the tubular but why should I care? Why should I, a subscriber to Anatune’s marketing materials be so excited by a piece of tubing?

And so to the point of this blog.

Enter some highly flexible, (both physically and functionally) transfer-lines that we’ve been trialling at Anatune.

Transfer lines are essentially tubes that move analytes from the place they are being generated to the place they are being analysed without changing them.

But Mark, I hear you ask, why is this your new favourite tube?

Well, like my bike’s inner tube, no good tube becomes a favourite by working alone.

Enter (again) Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS MultiPort Inlet (MPI).

The MultiPort Inlet allows up to 14 individual lines to be connected to a single Voice200ultra SIFT-MS, via simple, easy fit Swagelok fittings.

These individual sampling lines can then be switched between one another in seconds.

Coupled with analyses taking a matter of seconds, for parts-per-billion (ppbnV) detection limits, this opens up the possibilities of SIFT-MS enormously.

Process monitoring, anybody?

Of course, if you can’t get the sample to the instrument effectively, you may as well stop there! It’s here that the transfer-lines come into their own.

Their flexibility of lengths, internal diameters and temperature ranges, coupled with the simple 24V operation (and CE-marked) makes taking samples from a variety of places far simpler.

They even have bake out capabilities and even core replacement should contamination become a significant issue.

By coupling the MPI-SIFT-MS to these transfer lines, multi-stream sampling for fermentation, industrial biotechnology, bio-energy applications, clean room monitoring, process monitoring and control, fence-line monitoring… (I could go on!)… is now a lot more straightforward than before.

Syft Technologies are exceptional at responding to the needs of their customers with innovations that allow people to get more out of their instrumentation.

Anatune has long believed that SIFT-MS isn’t far from becoming major player in analytical sciences and it’s this kind of versatility which is driving a global uptake in demand and confirming our suspicions.

If you want to get a closer look at my new favourite tube and the system it contributes to, you might be interested in the SIFT-MS Interest Group Meeting which will include a tour of the Anatune Lab.

That’ll be your best chance to see all the aftermarket modifications in development for SIFT-MS and beyond.

If you want to buy one, we have them in stock for immediate shipment. CONTACT US or email us, to discuss further.