Seven Speakers Confirmed for the SIFT-MS Interest Group Meeting

Martin Perkins

15th May 2019

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This 2 day event focusing on the full extent of SIFT-MS capability will take place at the Hotel Felix and Anatune on the 9th/10th July 2019, and will cost £119+ VAT, which will include all course material, lunch and refreshments on both days. To book your place or register your interest send us a note on or call us on on +44 (0)1223 279210.

Now it’s etched in your calendar and the unstoppable creep of time brings us closer, you’ll be needing an update on what to look forward to. As well as the following contributions, there’ll be a demonstration in the Anatune laboratory. For those of you looking to see SIFT-MS up close, this is your chance.

  1. Vaughan Langford of Syft Technologies is making the 11703.71 mile trip from Christchurch NZ, to the Hotel Felix to give two talks. Vaughan has been one of the leading minds in developing the bedrock of knowledge needed to get this technique off the ground. His presence alone would make this journey worth the trip.
    • Talk 1: How Does SIFT-MS Perform as a Sensory Tool? Environmental and Packaging Case Studies.
    • Talk 2: High-Throughput Thermal Desorption and Real-Time Thermal Extraction Analysis with GERSTEL Automation.
  2. Joeri Vercammen of Interscience will elaborate on SIFT-MS capability to authenticate the geographical origin of Mediterranean virgin olive oils produced under geographical origin labels.
  3. As mentioned in our previous post, Bhamini Vadhwana of Imperial College London will present Assessment of the Impact of Oral Cleansing Strategies on Exhaled Volatile Organic Compound Levels.
  4. Michael Hewitt also of Imperial College London will be presenting his talk Volatile Organic Compound Profiling in Liver Disease.
  5. Thomas Bacquart of National Physical Laboratory will give an overview of their work on SIFT-MS from an instrumentation and calibration point of view.
  6. Georgia Sanxaridou of CMAC, Uni Strathclyde has been using the SIFT-MS to determine the end point of their drying processes for continuous pharmaceutical manufacture and crystallisation.
  7. Mark Perkins of Anatune will be leading the Anatune laboratory demonstration. He will (true to Anatune form) take you through the possibilities of automating SIFT-MS and the enormous potential it holds.

Spaces are limited to to avoid disappointment, book your place by getting in touch on or call us on +44 (0)1223 279210.

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