Split-Second Support

Martin Perkins

8th November 2016

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We are all busy people.  If something goes wrong, we want it fixed now.  Why wait if you don’t have to?

Wherever and whenever possible, we now aim to fix support issues immediately.

We can do this using current technologies that you have easy access to – all you need is your smart phone.

In the past, on many occasions, the reason why you had to wait to get a fault corrected, is so that one of our support staff could see your problem first hand  Now we can eliminate this delay entirely.

  • If you have an iPhone, you can use the FaceTime app to show us the problem – then we can work with you interactively to diagnose the problem and hopefully solve it there and then.
  • If you don’t have an iPhone, then if you put the Skype app on your mobile you can do the exact same thing.

Over the last few weeks, we have been experimenting with this approach with great success.

In the words of one customer:

‘The problem was diagnosed remotely by Alan who fixed it over the phone, this is how I think all problems are best approached’.

Boy, this is so simple to do and the benefits are huge; when you have a problem, we can deliver the fastest possible response and slash the amount of instrument down-time you suffer.

Ok, we won’t be able to solve every problem this way, but it does work well on many occasions.

So next time you need some help from our support team, make sure you have your smart phone handy!

If you think this is a good idea and want to participate, please drop us a line at enquiries@anatune.co.uk with ‘Split-Second Support in the subject line and we will flag it on your service record.

P.S.  If you haven’t got the hang of video calling yet, emailing a photo or video of the problem along with your service request is a good alternative.