SIFT-MS – Spreading the Word…

Martin Perkins

3rd September 2015

DSTL, Mark Perkins, Polar Molecules, Seminar, SIFT-MS, Syft Voice200Ultra,

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to learn something new, or be introduced to a new technology that you were previously unaware of? Particularly if you don’t need to go searching for it…

The newest instrument in Anatune’s applications lab is our Syft Technologies’ VOICE200ultra SIFT-MS and it has made quite an impression on me in the short time I have been working with it.

In August, I was invited to give a seminar at DSTL – Porton Down. For me, this was an ideal opportunity to introduce SIFT-MS to a wider audience and last month, I gave a lunchtime presentation on the subject. The seminar was well received by the 20 people who attended, with a number of very interesting, and challenging, questions at the end – it wasn’t just lab analysts who turned up.

The presentation lasted an hour and covered the origins of SIFT-MS, the science behind its real time measurements and an overview of the broad range of applications that the technique can be applied to.

For me, one of the main points I wished to emphasize was the complimentary nature of SIFT-MS as an analytical technique – it doesn’t replace GC-MS or LC-MS, but is actually the final piece in the analytical jigsaw. In other words, it fills that difficult region that contains the small, polar molecules. Of course, it is also very good at non-polar molecules as well!

So, if you think you and your staff would be interested in attending an introductory seminar on this subject, given at your site, then please contact me to arrange the time and place – it will be an hour well-spent. Either phone 01223 279210 or email


Since giving the presentation I have received some very positive feedback, including the following –

“This presentation was a great way to showcase the new SIFT-MS technology available at Anatune. It gave a flavour of the science behind this technique and highlighted its vast array of applications and alluded to many more possibilities in the future. The presentation was very informative and was given in such a way that sparked some thought as to how we could potentially use SIFT-MS in the future.”

Siobhan Conner – Research Chemist, Operational Chemical Sensing – DSTL