New Application Note – SIFT-MS Real-Time Analysis


4th June 2021

Algae Bioreactor

Real-Time Analysis of VOC Production From An Algae Bioreactor Using Select Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS)

Today, Anatune has published a brand-new Application Note detailing the utilisation of SIFT-MS for real-time analysis of VOC production from an algae bioreactor.

Algae can be cultivated in large bioreactors using a range of technologies for purposes as diverse as biomass production, water treatment and Carbon dioxide fixation.

Consequently, algae biomass can be extracted or refined to produce compounds such as bioethanol or higher value products such as fatty acids and protein.

Careful monitoring of the healthy of the bioreactor can significantly increase yields. This leads to a commensurate increase in income from harvested products.

The ability of SIFT-MS to measure gas phase volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in real-time, offers a unique approach to monitoring critical compounds produced by the bioreactor, potentially at low parts-per-billion by volume (ppbV) levels.

This Application Note demonstrates this, on a pilot scale facility, over the course of several weeks and shows the utility of this approach in maximising outcomes.


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