Get To Know Anatune: Meet our Senior Support Engineer


3rd June 2021

As part of Anatune’s 25 Years of Progress celebrations we are giving you the chance to get to know the experts behind our expertise. In this edition, we speak to one of our Senior Support Engineer to find out all about the career paths that have led them to Anatune’s award-winning Support Team.


Simon McInulty, Senior Support Engineer

Simon McInulty, Senior Support Engineer

Which University/college did you attend and what subject did you study?

I studied Chemistry at the University of Surrey from 1988-1992. Coincidentally, I studied there at the same time as our colleague from Anatune’s Applications Team, Kathy Ridgway.


What inspired you to choose a career in science?

I always enjoyed science at school and I remember doing a very early computer career assessment which suggested I should be a Polymer Scientist. My first job was analysis of polymers in the cable industry and my career has progressed from there.


Describe a typical day at work as Anatune’s Senior Support Engineer:

This might be an over-simplification but basically the typical engineers’ day is: drive, find solutions, fix stuff, then drive again!


How has your day-to-day role changed as a result of Covid?

Covid has created many hurdles to getting on site. There is additional paperwork, temperature checks to be completed & if there are several contractors/engineers waiting it can take an extra ½ hour before even starting the job. Most places require the visiting engineer to wear a mask at all times whilst onsite, this means no eating or drinking until after leaving site which is generally 4-6 hours. So it has certainly been very tough, but I am proud of the fact that we’ve kept on keeping on and have managed to support our customers throughout.


What has been the biggest change in your industry since the start of your career?

There have been several step changes in signal to noise of MSD systems. This, along with the wider access to affordable higher-level MSDs, think QTOF, TOF & to some extent QQQ, have certainly seen vast levels of progression.


What do you think the biggest trend in analytical chemistry will be in the future?

I think it’ll remain the same as it’s been for a while now; the drive for quicker results at lower reporting limits with less qualified/trained staff required.


Outside of the scientific sector, what is your favourite brand in the world and why? 

Brewdog, have you tasted their beers?! They also seem to be a conscientious company which is great to see and something I value.


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