PRODUCT FOCUS: Automated SIFT-MS with Syft Technologies Voice200ultra High Throughput


16th September 2021

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SIFT MS Headspace

Syft Technologies SIFT-MS Voice200ultra High Throughput


For routine, repeatable, real time VOC analysis, nothing compares to automated SIFT-MS


SIFT-MS offers high sensitivity, nondiscriminatory, and Real Time VOC analysis in whole air, in a very easy-to-use package. Compared to other mass spectrometry techniques, the absence of chromatography columns and very clean, precise chemical ionization reduce maintenance requirements and increase stability.

Anatune’s fully integrated SIFT-MS solution, developed with Syft Technologies and GERSTEL, enables analysts to simplify headspace, sample bag and thermal desorption tube analyses.

These benefits make SIFT-MS an extremely powerful analytical tool for industry and the laboratory, especially for those looking to optimise workflows, improve efficiency, and obtain higher quality data.

The Syft Technologies SIFT-MS Voice200ultra High Throughput is suitable for a wide range of applications across the Water & Environmental, FMCG, and Life Science industries.


Benefits of SIFT-MS Using Syft Technologies’ Voice200ultra High Throughput:


  • Instantaneous identification and quantitation of VOCs and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library
  • Real-time air analysis to low part-per-trillion by volume (pptv) concentrations with class-leading selectivity, no preconcentration, and high robustness to humidity
  • Analysis of chemically diverse VOCs in a single analysis (e.g. aldehydes, amines and organosulfur compounds)
  • Ease of operation with pushbutton simplicity (including smartphone access), no sample preparation, and comprehensive LabSyft data analysis software
  • Designed and engineered for use in commercial, industrial and research environments, with easy integration into sample delivery systems and IT infrastructure
  • Reliable, low maintenance instruments and accessories, with market-leading aftersales support.


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