PRODUCT FOCUS: GERSTEL Solvent Filling Station SFS3


15th September 2022

Automated Sample Prep, GERSTEL, solvent filling,

solvent, filling, station, GERSTEL, SFS3


For running automated high throughput applications overnight or over the weekend, in many cases large volumes of solvents must be available. This presents several challenges to laboratories and the analysts working inside them. Therefore, this edition of PRODUCT FOCUS explores the GERSTEL Solvent Filling Station SFS3 for the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS.

The SFS 3 option enables the use of large quantities of solvent with the MultiPurposeSampler MPS and makes it possible for automated high throughput applications to run overnight or over the weekend.

Using the SFS 3 option, you can store 1 litre of up to 4 solvents on the MPS and withdraw them, free of air bubbles, from a solvent cell.

Thanks to its large solvent capacity, the SFS 3 option is especially suitable for applications that require a large quantity of solvent, such as solid phase extraction or liquid-liquid extraction.

The SFS 3 option is therefore characterised by its large solvent capacity. You can use 2 SFS 3 on one system and will therefore have access to up to 8 solvents.

The SFS3 also provides an additional waste position connected to a large waste container. Solvent wastes can be collected separately according to their chemical properties, before being disposed of in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. A septum-less system prevents septum particles being punched out and carried over.

Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the GERSTEL Solvent Filling Station is simple and intuitive. Within the software itself, all preparation steps can be prepped ahead to save time, ensuring the SFS3 is the perfect solution for busy laboratories working to tight deadlines.


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