PRODUCT FOCUS: GERSTEL Multipurpose Autosampler for LC – LC/MS


29th December 2021

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Improving the productivity of your LC/MS system while ensuring the best accuracy and reliability is of vital importance to any laboratory. Therefore this edition of PRODUCT FOCUS takes a look at the GERSTEL LC – LC/MS MultiPurpose Autosampler, the world’s finest MultiPurpose liquid chromatography autosampler.

The GERSTEL LC – LC/MS MultiPurpose Autosampler for liquid chromatography is a highly productive autosampler for sample preparation and sample introduction of up to 3456 samples. In combination with GERSTEL MAESTRO software, the GERSTEL LC – LC/MS Multipurpose Autosampler provides enhanced performance and higher productivity in sample preparation than any other commercially available liquid chromatography autosampler. The MPS is compatible with all standard LC and LC/MS systems.

Thanks to its reliability, flexibility, and outsize capacity to hold and process samples, the MPS is the perfect autosampler for LC/MS analysis. Samples can be introduced from any standard size vial and from micro well or deep well plates as well. When using stacks, up to several thousand samples can be placed on the sampler under controlled conditions, cooled or heated as needed for best sample stability.

The MPS robotic LC/MS tool reduces carry-over in your LC/MS analysis to an absolute minimum. This novel and innovative technology eliminates all contact between sample and syringe and all surfaces in the sample flow path are inert. System rinse is performed in the sample introduction direction. The fast inject-wash cycles make the MPS robotic series the perfect start for fast ultra-trace analysis.


The GERSTEL MPS Robotic Autosampler is ideal for:

  • For routine analysis or R&D projects
  • Removing unwanted matrix material
  • Concentrating analytes
  • Changing the solvent
  • Adding standards, reagents or diluents.

All of the above can be combined with automated sample introduction to the LC/MS. Every task is performed and challenges are met In the easiest possible way.



  • Complete software integration
  • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
  • High productivity, one injection per minute
  • Lowest carryover
  • Automated sample preparation – “Sample Prep by mouse-click”
  • “PrepAhead” – Automated overlapping of sample preparation
  • Visual sample scheduler for sample throughput optimization.



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