Processing GC-MS Data using Multivariate Analysis

Martin Perkins

13th May 2015

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The high resolution, accurate GC/Q-TOF will generate a vast amount of data about the samples you run. The challenge is to turn this data into useful information.

Simon Thain of TL Science Ltd has a lot of experience doing just that.

For that reason, we have invited Simon to speak at the GC/Q-TOF Interest Group Meeting on June 11th.

Here is an abstract of the talk that Simon will be giving…

Applying Genespring Mass Profiler Professional for advanced data analysis and Metabolomics.

The presentation will focus on the Metabolomic data processing pipeline required for the efficient processing of GC/Q-TOF data to discover predictive metabolite biomarkers.

An integrated approach will be demonstrated using Agilent’s: Mass Hunter, Unknowns Analysis and also AMDIS software modules for initial data processing and peak finding; followed by the use of Genespring (Mass Profiler Professional) and Pathway Analysis for Multivariate data modelling and mapping of metabolites to biological pathways.

This workflow provides mechanistic incites and increases the ability identify unknown and low abundance metabolites. An application of these techniques to study novel plant biochemistry properties will be presented.

Clearly this will be of direct interest to those using GC-MS for metabolomics studies and will be also of relevance to anyone working to systemise the processing of large data sets.

Here you can find a copy of the programme for the GC/Q-TOF Interest Group Meeting.

If you wish to book a place, please call Susan Roach on +44 (0)1223 279210 or