Phine Banks joins the Anatune team

Martin Perkins

12th February 2015

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Anatune is pleased to welcome Phine Banks, who will be the Account Manager for the West of the UK.

Phine has three and a half years’ experience working at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), working within the Operation Chemical Sensing team.  During this time, Phine worked on the characterisation of operational environments and the test and evaluation of chemical detectors.

Phine was the local subject matter expert for a vapour sampling and analysis capability.  This was used to capture and analyse samples from operational environments.  She was responsible for running trials alongside the military usually during training exercises.

Phine was the technical lead for two projects looking at VOC’s from biological matter as well as operational environments.

Whilst at DSTL, Phine was a workplace supervisor and radiation protection officer, ensuring work was undertaken in a responsible manner with all legislation being adhered to.

The Test and Evaluation side involved generating known concentrations of challenge material in order to test a detectors response under a range of environmental condition in a rigorous manner.

Prior to starting at DSTL, Phine studied an Undergraduate Master’s Degree in Chemistry at the University of Bristol, starting in 2011.  Writing her Master’s thesis on NIPAM minigel ‘Janus’ particles, the effect of changing pH on the particles was investigated.

Phine has been a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry for six years and is currently working towards charted status.

I am sure you will all wish her well in her new role here at Anatune.