How to Build your Own GC-MS/Sample Preparation Application Library

Anna Perkins

11th February 2015

Applications Library, eApplications, GC-MS, Sample Preparation, Susan Roach,

One of the big things that we can offer our customers is ready access to the great work done in the applications laboratories of GERSTEL and its distributors Worldwide.

In addition to Anatune’s laboratory, here in Cambridge, UK

  • GERSTEL GmbH in Mulheim
  • GERSTEL USA in Baltimore
  • GERSTEL KK in Tokyo

all deserve a special mention for the quality of the work they do and the strong culture of innovation they show.

The work that we all do is focussed upon current analytical issues that our customers face and so is often of immediate interest to analysts everywhere.

One important way in which we all share our know-how with the wider GC-MS community is by publishing application notes and the most efficient way of sharing them nowadays is by email to those people who sign-up to receive them.

I administer Anatune’s eApplications service, ably assisted by our applications team.

I have a few guiding principles that I apply to this service:

  1. The service is subscription only – you have to sign-up to receive it.  (I dislike spam as much as you do).
  2. As a subscriber to our eApplications service – you always receive newly published application notes before anyone else does.
  3. You get to select your own areas of interest, so that we only send you information that is relevant and interesting to you personally.

I do get some very positive feedback about eApplications and very few people unsubscribe, so I think people find the service useful.

eApplications gives you a chance to build your own personal library of application notes covering areas of GC-MS and Sample Preparation that are relevant to your particular interests.  All you need to do is to create a folder on your computer desktop and save the applications there as you receive them.

You can join Anatune’s eApplications service by clicking here.