The Fastest Evolving Issue in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Martin Perkins

6th November 2020

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Nitrosamines and process automation

Nitrosamines continue to cause headaches for the pharmaceutical companies and CROs looking for the most effective ways of testing for them.

One of the major risk factors is the potential for contamination. However, as outlined in this app note, contamination can be avoided by use of automation.

Also, we have had many conversations with customers about their need for social distancing and/or remote working. Especially so with CROs looking to tackle these problems head on.

The sheer scale of the nitrosamines problem is likely to lead to the installation of thousands of analysers worldwide. This means more people preparing and introducing samples, and more potential for close quarters working conditions. 

A consensus is forming that the best way to reduce risk – both from a personal safety and data reliability perspective – is to achieve automation.

To read about our full method validation of an automated solution for nitrosamines in irbesartan and metformin by LC-MS-MS Analysis, click here. 

Finally, we’re proud to announce our involvement with the upcoming webinar, Evaluation of N-nitrosamines – Examining the Tools and Systems to Assist in such Assessments.

On the 25th of November, Dr Andrew Teasdale of Astra Zeneca will present a 90 minute free to attend session. He’ll look at the latest advances in technology to support both research and risk assessment.

To join a global audience of scientists looking to get the best possible grasp of this complicated issue, click here to register. 

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