New GC-QQQ Installed in our Application Lab

Martin Perkins

30th January 2013

Agilent 7890-7000 GC-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer in Anatune's Application Laboratory

We now have a GC-triple quad in our application laboratory

It has taken a while, but we now have an Agilent 7890-7000 GC-triple quad installed and running in our application laboratory.

A lot of the applications we work on, are for target compound analysis and the GC-QQQ has the potential to give us much better signal to noise for many applications. This in turn will enable us to do even more when it comes to sample preparation and automation.

We believe that there is a lot that we can contribute, especially sorting out some of the down-time issues that can arise when working with high-matrix samples.

We have a list of things that we aim to try; fully automated determination of NDMA in water is on the list, and so is a look at low level food volatiles by the combination of large volume headspace with the GC-triple. This should be a really powerful combination and, as far as we can work out, this particular rig hasn’t been tried before.

We will be able to hyphenate all our current front end sample preparation techniques
from Gerstel and Entech with the GC-triple quad. Thus, either supplying better
detection limits and/or better selectivity for target analytes.

It is always best to work together with customers and focus on real-World problems. If the appearance of a GC-QQQ in our lab gets you thinking about something you think would be worth trying, please give us a call on:

+44 (0)1223 279210 or email: